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Distressing a Floor, Bellingham WA


What do you do to a floor that has been used as a wood chopping block and overall heavy wear and damage?

Use recycled wood to replace some wood, then distress the floor to mimic and hide the chopping block area and to complete, stain darker to unify color and hide stains that weren’t able to sand out!







  The condition of the floor upon arrival.















 Surface condition of the existing floor.














 A view of the kitchen with the recycled wood installed.















 “Rough off” begins with 16 grit sandpaper.













  After complete sanding of the floor, intentional damaging of the floor distresses the surface prior to staining.














 After sanding, staining, distressing and clear coat.
















 View of the kitchen where recycled wood was used to patch.















 Another look of the sanded, distressed and stained floor.