“Restore” A Recycled Gymnasium Maple Hardwood Floor Install Refinish Bellingham WA

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“Restore” A Recycled Gymnasium Maple Hardwood Floor Install Refinish Bellingham WA



Take old gymnasium wood flooring, found at a local building materials recycling store, clean up all the old glue and filler, cut ends square, reinstall in a new location then refinish to new glory!








A pile of recycled flooring that the customer purchased. Scrape the old filler from the edges so the wood pieces fit together tightly. Pull all the nails from every stick.











Add a qualified, experienced installer named Rob to properly execute installation.












We were given a tile measurement that will be used for the wood stove area of the home. Careful layout to make sure that everything will be square.












Expert Installation has now been performed! Now, a refinishing of the surface with aggressive sandpaper will restart the look of the floor and produce a brand new, serviceable maple floor for this customer.



























Floor is installed, sanded and sealer coating has been applied. The motorized buffer has sanded the sealed surface to smooth and ready for 2 final coats of commercial, ECO friendly finish.











A mint, long lasting quality engineered floor that will bring many years of use and enjoyment. We build quality into every floor from the beginning steps.















Floor is installed, sanded, sealer coat applied, now the floor is buffed smooth and ready to apply final coat of finish!















Completed floor! Water based floor finish has been applied!