Water Heater Leaked, Hardwood Floor Repaired Lynden,Wa

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Water Heater Leaked, Hardwood Floor Repaired Lynden,Wa


I hate to see it, An old water heater leaks, damaging the wood floor.

Now, 7 out of 10 times that floor will shrink down and be pretty OK. In the case of this project, we did have to do restoration work………….








Notice in this picture the uneven bare wood and stained wood. As I sand over the old wood, immediately visible is the previous poor sanding. Poor sanding leaves highs and lows. Using, renting or higher a person to sand floors doesn’t guarantee excellent results!











Wood flooring was removed, water affected substrate was replaced, new wood flooring reinstalled and a complete refinishing of the room. After all was final finished, a nice grey caulk joint along the furnace and water heater leak pan completed the detail.

The affected area had a darker stain. The customer had recently installed a pre-finished natural oak floor in a large adjoining room. My recommendation was to refinish the damaged floor and match the new pre-finished floor.