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Subfloor and Hardwood Floor Install Bellingham,WA
  • Sand all wood 2×4 sleepers to rid of paint and pollutants to ready for gluedown of plywood
  • Screw down all sleepers every 6″ to ensure solid base (note screw seen in this picture is previous work by others)
  • verify flatness of substrate plane and plane/sand to remove highs
  • each plywood sheet is cut and 2 screw-“loose laid” for dry fit.
  • Any issues get an “x” for fix. Once fixed OK approves next step.
  • apply 2 beads of glue per 3.5″ width for guaranteed bond
  • screw down all sheets every 6″ and within 1″ of sheet edge
  • leave approx. 1/8″ gap for expansion